We will discuss how we can support you to reduce your risk and stay healthy:

  • You will receive a printed report of your results which will be explained fully to you
  • Personalised advice will be given to you about your results
  • You may be referred for another blood test to check for Type 2 Diabetes
  • You may be referred for a kidney function test if your blood pressure is very elevated
  • GP referral may be made to discuss medication to help you maintain your health
  • Local health improvement service details are available

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Have your results?

You have now had your health checkā€¦.would you like to make lifestyle changes? Take advantage of the advice given and act now!

Your results from this check can be changed by making small adjustments to everyday life.

For example, by doing regular physical activity you can improve blood pressure, cholesterol and reduce your chance of type 2 diabetes. Physical activity can also improve your mental wellbeing and help with stress.

Why not make a plan and try out the local health improvement services. For more information click here

In a recent survey of those who have had a Health Check in Somerset, 95% said that they would be ‘Extremely likely’ or ‘Likely’ to recommend the Health Check service to friends or family.