Click on the video to hear Dr Dawn Harper explain the benefits of having a NHS Health Check and how Ron’s experience of having the 20 minute check changed his life.




These are comments we have received from people like you who have had an NHS Health Check in Somerset:

  • Excellent service and advice
  • Convenient, non-threatening, informative, reassuring. Should be made available to all.                  
  • The lady was excellent and did her best to put me at ease and to answer all my questions.
  • I knew I was overweight but it was a shock to have the other results – high cholesterol, blood sugar etc. Good to have that knowledge so I can do something about it.
  • I`m grateful to have the opportunity to check up on my health as I wouldn’t have `found time` to arrange it myself.
  • Keep offering it as it could save lives
  • If I hadn’t had the health check I wouldn’t have known about my low pulse rate which has resulted in me having a 24 hour heart monitor at the end of March.
  • I was impressed with how the nurse conducted my health check. She was efficient and friendly                
  • It was very helpful and professionally done.
  • Fantastic service offered by NHS. Was very pleased with all of it.
  • It was a really good service. More comprehensive than I first thought. The nurse was very professional and friendly.
  • It seems like an excellent initiative. I was impressed by the detail and thoroughness of the check-up and found the results useful. Health check was carried out in a very empathetic and professional manner.


In a recent survey of those who have had a Health Check in Somerset, 95% said that they would be ‘Extremely likely’ or ‘Likely’ to recommend the Health Check service to friends or family.