NHS Health Checks From a Pharmacist’s Perspective

A local Pharmacist explains the NHS Health Check experience from a her perspective. Giving insights into the feedback clients share, and how delivering NHS Health Checks has revealed new ways of elevating personal health habits.

How have you found the programme so far?

“I have found it an excellent service and am so pleased that we can offer this in the pharmacy to our customers. We have got some fantastic feedback and I feel we are making a real difference to people.

I have found delivering the NHS Health Checks very interesting and have learnt a lot which has been beneficial to my own health. I feel I am in a great position to positively influence people’s health using a combination of my own advice as well as signposting people to relevant services/organisations.”

What’s the secret? How has your pharmacy managed to deliver so many NHS Health Checks?

“We have a very friendly environment as well as being very approachable. This has meant we have very good relationships with a lot of our customers which has made it easier to get people to book in for a health check. We have worked well as team and have made sure we offer the service to as many people as possible.”

What kind of feedback have you received from those who have had an NHS Health Check?

“The feedback from patients has been very positive. We have found that a lot of people just aren’t aware of the ‘healthy’ guidelines. For example, not everyone understands BMI or know how many units of alcohol they try not to exceed. A lot of people have said that they wouldn’t normally go to their GP surgery because they don’t want to ‘bother’ them as they are so busy.”

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